Founders Testimony

A dynamic 45 mins presentation inspiring youth, parents and workers to achieve successful outcomes.

Adoption Sustainability

Insights on how to build a durable bond in the home.


Workshops aiming to provide best practices of foster care and give a comprehensive view of adoption. “Also, providing an energy-based training for self-development and achieving success in life.”


Available for Press Conferences, Commercials, Public Advocacy, Article Writing.


Curriculum offerings for agencies to bring about robust relationship building between youth, parents, and staff.

Order a Book

Purchase a copy of PEN Culture and embrace a story, philosophy, and approach that can spark a brighter future in Child Welfare and Community Building.



Words That Matter

The Pride Empowerment Network is established to engage youth, families and professionals around the craft of relationship building. We invite you to become a part of our journey as we create a unique ecosystem for the growth and maintenance of people. " We specialize in services for the Child Welfare sector yet, we welcome people from all walks of life to benefit from our philosophy." Contact the Pride Empowerment Network to see what we can do for you! “When You Foster Youth, You Foster Success!”