Founder’s Testimony

A dynamic 45 mins presentation inspiring youth, parents and workers to achieve successful outcomes. It covers the highs and lows of foster care, adoption and the personal journey to adulthood.


  • Foster Care Role Playing- Best Practices
  • Adoption Peaks and Pitfalls
  • Personal Growth- Survival| Success| Greatness
  • Consulting

    Curriculum offerings for agencies to bring about robust relationship building between youth, parents, and staff

  • Phone Conference
  • Web Connect
  • In-person
  • Adoption Sustainability

    Insights on how to build a durable bond in the home

  • One-on-one training and coaching
  • Access to an exclusive database of Intellectual Property
  • PEN Camp- Therapeutic retreat for youth and Parents
  • Media

    Available for Press Conferences, Commercials, Public Advocacy, Article Writing

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